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By Diana M. Goodwin (auth.)

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Cc: cubic centimeter. CENTRAL APHASIA: see conduction aphasia; global aphasia. CENTRAL GRAY: part of tegmentum in midbrain; excitation elicits strong fear and/or rage reactions; destruction markedly impairs ability to display defensive-aggressive behavior; also known as periaqueductal gray. CENTRAL LESION: any lesion of the central nervous system. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: (eNS) the neural and supportive tissue inside the brain and the spinal cord. CENTRAL SULCUS: Fissure of Rolando; curves toward the posterior part of the brain as it moves medially across the superior surface of the cortex; divides the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex from the parietal lobes; separates the motor projection areas from the somesthetic areas.

AUDITORY HALLUCINATIONS: see hallucinations - auditory. AUDITORYINATI'ENTION: patients with lateralized lesions involving the temporal lobe or central auditory pathways tend to ignore auditory signals entering the ear opposite the side of the lesions; a simple method for testing auditory inattention can be performed without special equipment by an examiner standing behind the patient so that he can deliver stimulation to each ear simultaneously or randomly, varying single and simultaneous stimuli; dichotic listening tests may be used (Kimura, 1961, 1967; Walsh, 1978).

CEREBELLO-PONTINE ANGLE: a shallow triangle lying between the cerebellum, the lateral pons, and the inner third of the petrous ridge. The vertical extent of the angle is from the fifth nerve above, on its course from the pons to the petrous apex, and the ninth nerve below, passing from the lateral medulla to the jugular foramen.

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