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By Laura A. Janda

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Context determines whether or not it will be recognized as a mapped extension of the dative. Since the ethical dative is a pragmatic device of the speech-act domain used by speakers on hearers, it is restricted to use with second person pronouns. In this way it is distinguished from another mapped dative, the emotional dative, which requires first person pronouns. P? The speaker maps the case relationship captioned by schema 2 onto the speech-act domain, using the dative sphere to claim the existence of a relationship between the hearer and the narrated event.

Further examples appear in the table below: ti you-DAT ukradl auto. stole car-ACC Examples like these indicate the presence of a cognitive bridge between the indirect object and the possessive meaning of the dative, for when one takes something from someone else, it is necessarily assumed that the object was in the possession of the dative referent. A sampling of "taking" verbs that can be accompanied by an extended indirect object is presented in the table below. brat odnimat krdst zabavovat rvat trhat skubat vyfouknout cmajmout slohnout stipnout "take" "take" "steal" "seize" "wrest from" "yank away" "wrench away" "snatch away" "swipe" "pinch" "pinch" 65 64 uzmout zcizovat vyvlastnovat "take away" "appropriate' , "expropriate' , (stdvat se) (piihdzet se) (zoot se) (jevit se) Metonymy - intransitive giving and taking, incorporation of direct object into the verb, giving of benefit and harm Intransitive taking ujiidet utikat In metonymic extensions of the Czech indirect object the direct object is subsumed in the semantics of the verb and therefore is not expressed as an overt accusative.

First I will discuss the distribution constraints peculiar to "true" indirect objects, and then I will outline the shape of this category. A "true" indirect object cannot be replaced by a prepositional phrase "True" indirect objects are the only datives with beneficiary meaning that cannot be replaced by a prepositional phrase such as pro + accusative "for". Example (23b) is unacceptable, whereas (24b) and (25b) are quite normal. (23) b. (24) (21) *Dala jsem svoje knihy Gave am-AUX own books-ACC 'I gave my books to the room.

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