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By John E. Mack

John E. Mack, M.D.
"Fascinating, suggestive, or even inspiring."
--The ny occasions e-book Review
"A TRANSCENDENT, LANDMARK WORK...An terribly wealthy and unusual mind-expanding book.--Boston Herald
When revered Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack, M.D., first released those extraordinary result of 4 years of extensive learn and research into alien abduction, he unleashed a firestorm of controversy. Now, during this paperback variation, Mack solutions his critics, either believers and skeptics. Mack specializes in 13 traditional american citizens (from approximately 100 case reports) who inform dramatic, inspiring, and remarkably related tales: repeated visits from large-eyed beings, mysterious machines, telepathy, invasive scientific approaches, hours lacking from their lives, and startling messages in regards to the future....
"Provocative...This ebook is a problem to any reader. It increases questions on how we are living on the planet and with one another that the Western brain and tradition won't be able to disregard for an excessive amount of longer. It additionally increases questions about the character of truth; of time, house, power and the real nature of humanness. It opens the door to a truly critical redefinition of lifestyles as we all know it."
--Los Angeles occasions publication Review
"Strange and disturbing...Something is powering this rash of abduction claims, making it definitely worth the type of critical research Mack offers here.--San Francisco Chronicle
"A groundbreaking study...Credible and thought-provoking."
--Publishers Weekly

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Which we know so little . My criterion, therefore, for including or 1 taking seriously an observation by an abductee is whether what ' has been reported was felt to be real by the experiencer and was communicated sincerely and with powerful affect appropriate to what is being reported. This does not mean that I have concluded 1 that what the experiencer reports happened literally in our physi­ cal world. TH REE CLASSES OF I N FO R MATI O N Applying the above framework I have found i t useful t o distin- ;.

As I will doc­ ument in detail in several case examples, the traumatic, rapelike nature of the abduction material may become altered as the abductees reach new levels of understanding of what is occur­ ring, and as their relationship to the beings themselves changes in the course of our work. In sum, the purely physical or biological aspect of the abduc­ tion phenomenon seems to have to do with some sort of genetic or quasi-genetic engineering for the purpose of creating human/ · ' alien hybrid offspring.

YOU WILL REMEMBER WHEN YO U N EED TO KNOW 39 With Ed in the pod was a small, slight female figure with long, straight, thin silvery-blond hair. Although Ed could recall no spe­ cific earlier abduction experiences, the figure "had familiar as­ pects to her," and he had vague, "very sinister," memories of "something out there" from his childhood. The female entity had a small mouth and nose, intense large dark eyes, and a "sort of tri­ angular" shaped head with a "largish" forehead. " She seemed to sense his thoughts without his saying anything, reassur­ ing Ed, for example, that they were safe and would not fall off the precipice onto the rocks below.

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