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By George F. Johnston

For about 3 a long time, the abortion debate has polarized the United States. This entire quantity comprises bibliographic citations that tackle the ethical and non secular facets of abortion. It covers such themes because the a number of arguments either for and opposed to abortion, the prestige of the fetus, and overviews of a number of religions' stances on abortion. Citations additionally contain references on how Christianity has prompted abortion politics and legislations, discussions of Operation Rescue, and legitimate statements on abortion through non secular corporations.

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The Review of Metaphysics 29 (1975): 239-255. A critique of H. Tristram Engelhardt's thesis (see citation # 93) that, since potentiality is no more than a promise, and is not an actuality, then we should make a clear distinction between human life and personal life. 151. Walker, Vern R. " Linacre Quarterly 45 (1978): 179-186. The author argues that the fetus has a right to life because there is a reason to presume that the fetus is a person until good reason is brought forward for classifying it otherwise.

Edited by Louis P. Pojman and Francis J. Beckwith, 234-256. Belmont, Calif: Wadsworth Pub. , 1998. First published in The Ethics of Homicide. : Cornell Univ. Press, 1978. The author asks what kinds of beings are protected by the rule against homicide. He presents several principles, and comes to the conclusion that, in most cases, abortion is immoral, as it is the killing of a member of the human species. 86. Di Ianni, Albert R. " American Ecclesiastical Review 168 (1974): 309-326. Examines the question, What is a person?

1983. 28 Abortion from the Religious and Moral Perspective Presents an argument that self-consciousness is not the sole criterion for establishing personhood, but becomes so only within a social network. Self-consciousness is neither a necessary, nor a sufficient condition for personhood and rights. These conditions emerge only in a more general sense of social worth. 142. Steinbock, Bonnie. Life Before Birth: The Moral and Legal Status of Embryos and Fetuses. New York: Oxford Univ. Press, 1992.

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