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By Carrie L. Rothgeb

The booklet might be pleasing to disciples of Jung, agreeably provocative to fans of different theoretical persuasions, and beneficial to all graduate psychoanalysts as a basic refernce software.

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13 references. 000021 An analysis of the associations of an epileptic. In: Jung, C, Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 2. Princeton University Press, 1973. 649 p. (p. 197-220). The word association reactions of a typical case of epilepsy are analyzed as part of a larger investigation attempting to separate what is specific for epileptic associations from the various types of the normal and from congenital mental deficiency. The case was drawn from studies of 158 patients at the Swiss Asylum for Epileptics in Zurich and the Burgholzli psychiatric clinic, limited to subjects who were not con-genitally mentally defective and had not shown signs of epilepsy in early youth.

209-218). The inadequacy of expert opinion as to a defendant’s mental competence is illustrated in the case of a woman accused of fraud after obtaining money to pay for a nonexistent winning ticket in the Hungarian lottery. Interesting aspects of the case are that the opinions were based only on reports about the defendant, rather than on personal interviews with her, and that a principle concerning the relation of moral defect to hysteria is involved. A final opinion was formed after an interview with the defendant, in addition to a study of the documents.

17 references. 000007 On hysterical misreading. In: Jung, C, Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 1. 2nd. , Princeton University Press, 1970. 260 p. (p. 89-92). In reply to the review of an earlier paper, accepted views on hysterical misreading are reiterated, and the theories are supported by interpretations from a clinical case. A patient misread frequently at school, always substituting a Swiss dialect word for the word in the text. Since the words were synonymous, proving that the meaning was understood, there was no reason for a healthy person to reproduce the word incorrectly.

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