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By David L. Marcus

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist spends a 12 months with a mythical highschool advice counselor who will get children into the proper faculties by means of targeting self-discovery instead of try out ratings, grades, and the opposite conventional instruments of the trade

Gwyeth Smith, referred to as Smitty, has made a countrywide attractiveness by means of flouting the conventions of the varsity program ritual. He frequently steers young children from the SAT to the ACT, which he considers a easier try that produces larger rankings. He urges mom and dad to domestic in on hidden offers, scour the rustic for scholarships, and problem monetary relief workplaces instead of take out huge loans. he'll occasionally speak a seeming shoo-in candidate out of atmosphere her points of interest at the prestigious Ivy League whereas goading one other long-shot scholar into aiming for that very same Ivy League college. His unorthodox procedure is grounded at the precept that obtaining into university shouldn't simply be approximately getting into; it may be a kid's first nice second of self-discovery.

David L. Marcus, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former schooling author for U.S. information & global Report, follows Smitty and "his" youngsters round Oyster Bay excessive, a various public college in new york, big apple, as he works his specified magic on their purposes and their lives. Smitty's little ones run the gamut from the candy yet pathologically disorganized boy round the corner to the valedictorian who applies to 28 colleges. because the 12 months unfolds, Smitty offers in his personal creative method with virtually each hassle that may bedevil the purposes strategy. What in regards to the child who doesn't attempt good? the child who plunges into melancholy after being rejected through Columbia? The overachieving Korean American boy fearful approximately opposite discrimination? Smitty has solutions for all of them.

whereas Smitty excels at easing the strain of the varsity hunt, his luck comes from implementing a different-and deeper-challenge. He makes young children articulate (orally and in writing) their profoundest fears, their drawbacks, their mystery hopes. in brief, he makes them determine who they're. alongside the best way, he makes use of his savant's wisdom of America's thirty-six hundred schools and universities to pair each one scholar with the correct one. He sidesteps the purposes commercial complicated, with its slick websites, inner most essay coaches, and obsessive specialise in metrics. He brings to the varsity seek counterintuitive perception or even wisdom-attributes that hundreds of thousands of scholars and their mom and dad, annoyed with the excesses of the method, will locate invaluable and encouraging.

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