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By I. D. McFarlane (ed.)

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Read Online or Download Acta Conventus Neo-Latini Sanctandreani: Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Neo-Latin Studies, St Andrews, 24 August to 1 September 1982 PDF

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54, the Graeci Minores cf. Ptol. 2. 2. 10; Solin. I, p. 560 Miiller = Steph. Byz. p. 219 Mommsen); 22 (addition Edinburgh manuscript has several corrections here, esp>ecially after Martianus Capella. 73. 147 22/ 38 and 17V 27/ 74. 47 47. 6/ 9. 75. Th. Ruddiman, p. 410 points out that this passage is not in the Edinburgh manuscript and assumes that it was written in haste when the manuscript was already with the printer, and inserted later. 76. 187 28-29/ 49. 77. 19^-207 31-32/ 53-54. 78. Lhuyd 37^-38\ 79.

Innes (above note 6) I, pp. 130-69, esp. pp. 146-48, 166-68; also on John of Fordun pp. 123-30 and ff. ¥-\W John Lesley pp. 169-71. 97. De origine.... (see note Fergus I 11) books II-IV, pp. 83-129: for Vergil's doubt as regards see his Historia III, p. 52, for Lhuyd's criticism of Boece's early history, Fragmen- tum, 32''-36\ Buchanan rejects the story of Diocletian, Labana and their daughters (15"^""/ 24-25/ it was previously rejected by J. l, f. V, while ignored by Boece, Polydore Vergil and Lesley, the story of Brutus (15''-16V 25-26/ 41-43, previously rejected by J.

257 40/ 68; 267 42/71. cannot here give an exhaustive account of Buchanan's attitude to the medieval and the extent to which he draws on medieval sources. In the first four books he frequently relies on Bede, occasionally on Gildas (147 22/ 38; 257 41/ 70; an excerpt: 327 52/ 87), Gregory of Tours (37 5/ 9), William of Malmesbury (37 5/ 8; 267 42/71) and Geoffrey of Monmouth (37 5/ 8; 267 42/ 71), whom he vigorously attacks 16^-7 24-26/ 41-44 (see also 27^/ 44/ 75); he also refers to anonymous accounts.

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