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By Bruce W. Conord, June Conord

Winner, "Best commute Book," North American commute reporters Assoc. Covers many locations now not even pointed out in competing courses. Take to the mountain trails, swim in hidden cenotes, watch the sunlight upward push on a seashore close to the traditional Maya port of Pol? (where the authors celebrated the sunrise of the recent millennium). stopover at Bohemian Playa del Carmen, or history-rich Cozumel, the place the Spanish first set foot at the North American continent.

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In early 1847 the Yucatán seceded again after secessionists armed the Maya to serve as soldiers against the Mexican garrisons. With the federal government preoccupied by the MexicanAmerican War and Campeche and Mérida still bickering over independence, the Maya themselves rebelled. Only this time they were well armed. n Blood from a Stone In 1847 a seemingly bottomless pit of barbarism opened in the Yucatán – into which the blood of thousands flowed. The chilling precursor of the violence that would soon engulf the land occurred in January of that year when the Maya were called to arms by Creoles in the name of their Yucatecan independence movement.

The puma, which is also native to the United States and Canada, is otherwise known as the cougar or mountain lion. A full-grown male puma may be nearly as big as a jaguar and weigh 200 lbs. Its soft fur coat runs from reddish to gray to brown. This big cat is an amazingly agile climber, able to leap 12 Land of Pheasant & Deer n 25 n Land of Pheasant & Deer Yucatán’s deer are very much the same as deer found throughout North America, but the pheasant of the old Mayan saying is really an ocellated turkey, which looks more like a peacock.

Employing the medieval concept of the adelantado (“one who pushes forward”) Montejo had to recruit his own army and pay them in order to subdue the native inhabitants. In return, the Spanish crown offered him the title of Adelantado Governor and Captain General. Marriage to a wealthy widow financed his initial expedition of three ships and 250 men. Unfortunately for Montejo, the Maya were not the Aztec. To conquer the at least 16 autonomous Maya provinces, he began a bloody, cruel and bitter struggle that lasted 20 years.

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