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By Hillie Marshall

Hillie Marshall used to be the 1st worldwide suffering aunt on the net, in addition to being the ache aunt for "Singles" journal. This booklet is a set of her so much wonderful and academic ache aunt letters and replies.

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I am 12 and I love my mother and father very much. I woke up last night and saw my father kissing Marianna the Au Pair in the kitchen while my mother was out. Should I tell my father I saw him or shall I tell my mother? I don’t know what to do. Jack, Belgravia A I think you should confront your father and tell him what you saw. Tell him how upset and confused you feel about the situation and that you don’t know whether to tell your mother. See what he has to say, and then let him sort things out - hopefully everything will be back to normal in your home very soon.

You must understand that everyone needs hobbies, but I feel that his hobby has become as much competition for his time and interest in you as another woman in his life might have been. You must explain to him that in every relationship there must be compromises. He needs to allocate special times to you when you can have his full attention, and special times to his bike, and also time together when you can both enjoy the bike together. If he won’t do this, then you should try to find a more considerate boyfriend.

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