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By Claudia Kren

This finished annotated bibliography, first released in 1990, publications the consumer helpfully via the place to discover info on a variety of parts on alchemy whilst discovering. Divided into different types to help discovering the correct niche, this booklet types a distinct reference tool.

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The Medieval Alchemists and their Royal Art. Copenhagen: Rosenkilde & Bagger, 1976. Pp. 228 + 402 illus. Treats Western alchemy as a soteriological quest, with interpretations stemming from depth psychology. 172. Flamel, Nicolas. Le livre des figures hiiroglyphiques. Le sommaire philosophique. Le desir desire. Introduction by Rene Alleau and a historical study of Nicolas Flamel by Eugene Canseliet. Glossary and bibliographical notes by Maxime Preaud. Paris: de Noel, 1970. Pp. 230. 173. Flamel, Nicolas.

An alchemical work attributed to Jabir translated by Gerard of Gremona. 193. Jabir ibn l:Iayyan. Dix traites d'alchimie: Les dix premiers traites du Livre des soixante-dix. Translated with commentary by Pierre Lory. Paris: Sinbad, 1983. Pp. 318. 194. H. "The Text of John Dastin's 'Letter to Pope John XXIII:" Ambix, 4 (1949), 34-51. The text and translation of an alchemical work by Dastin. See item 242. 195. Kibre, Pearl. " Isis, 32 (1940), 267-300. Points out that this manual, devoid of theory, is part of or a supplement to the longer Semita recta or Alkimia; the latter may be a genuine Albertian treatise.

De Luanco, Jose R. Ramon Lull considerado como alquimista. J. Roviralta, 1870. Pp. 50. 203. Lull, Raymond. Le codicille de Raymond Lulle. Translated from Latin by Leonce Bonysson. Paris: La Haute Science, 1953. Pp. 175. A translation of the 1563 edition. 204. Morienus. A Testament ofAlchemy, Being the Revelations of Morienus . to KhaUd ibn Yazid. Edited and translated by Lee Stavenhagen. Hanover: University Press of New England, 1974. Pp. viii + 76. Presents the thirteenth-century Latin version of the Testament with a discussion of the MS tradition.

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