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By A. Cockren

This fee publication is introduced again into print since it tells the tale of alchemy in such basic phrases that almost all all can comprehend. The cryptic language and symbolism usually present in alchemy is laid naked on the way to understand precisely what used to be intended and what used to be occurring through the pursuit of the alchemical elixir. the idea of the e-book is to teach that the technology of alchemy unearths the only legislation working in the human spirit and in our quest for immortality. Cockren insists that there's a Divine Plan, and by way of exploring and experimenting with alchemy, we'll locate ourselves at the direction that might lead us to it. This booklet needs to be learn in complete, so the "complete photograph" is proven, and the reader will then see the way it all connects. various components of the area are coated, in addition to diversified classes of historical past. there's additionally a actual alchemy, in relation to medication, that's coated along with the religious. first-class fabric exists during this small ebook at the nice males of alchemy like St. Germain, Nicholas Flamel, Basil Valentine, and Paracelsus. The booklet concludes via reprinting of the world's most crucial airtight alchemical texts -- The Golden Tracate of Hermes and The publication of the Revelation of Hermes.

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It expands the blood vessels, cures withered limbs, restores strength to the sight, in growing persons removes what is superfluous and makes good defects in the limbs. In its fourth nature it appears in a fiery form (not quite freed from all imperfections, still somewhat watery and not dried enough), wherein it has many virtues making the old young and reviving those at the point of death. For if to such an one there be given, in wine, a barleycorn's weight of this fire, so that it reach the stomach, it goes to his heart, renewing him at once, driving away all previous moisture and poison, and restoring the natural heat of the liver.

I say in part because the alchemist's interpretation of the system was very much more perfect than is the modern homeopathist's. In regard to the question of potencies, I will repeat once again the definition of the Quintessence: 'Nothing of true value is located in the body of a substance but in the virtue thereof. ' Thus to find the Quintessence of Iron, for example, the metal is changed into its vitriol or salts, which in turn are purified by several washings in distilled water, and after each washing re-crystallised.

I have even related to thee the joyful signs, even that which doth fix the body. But these things, and how they attained to the knowledge of this secret, are given by our ancestors in figures and p. 145 types. Behold, they are dead. I have opened the riddle, and the book of knowledge is revealed. The hidden things I have uncovered, and have brought together the scattered truths within their boundary, and have conjoined many various forms; even I have associated the spirit. " SECTION VI "It behoves thee to give thanks to God, Who has bestowed liberally of his bounty to the Wise, Who delivers us from misery and poverty.

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