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By Donald E Teeter

"This e-book bargains with the genuine Holy Grail in doing so it calls into query all the assumptions of a number of huge sleek religions in regards to the very nature of God."

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It is up to the reader to exercise caution and restraint when first trying the Amanita Muscaria mushroom; individuals vary widely in their response to various substances. It is much better to have a lighter pleasant effect than to be overpowered. While I personally have never seen anyone experience a bad effect, there is always that possibility. Our ancient fathers called it the herb of Life; let’s keep it that way. The Amanita Muscaria is Sacred; treat it and yourself with respect. To find and consume the Amanita Muscaria mushroom is to embark on a spiritual quest.

Place top-to-top, line up and tape around the outside of both with duct tape. You now have a top with two threaded ends on it and a hole in the middle. A piece of fine cloth is placed over a Mason type jar containing the course herb powder. The double lid is screwed down over the cloth onto the jar. A clean, dry, empty jar is now screwed onto the other side of the top. To sift, you place “course powder” jar up and shake. The fine powder will collect in the empty jar that is now on the bottom. The advantage of this sifter is that you don’t lose much fine dust.

The creation of a Grail involved the practice of the highest Magic known to early humanity. A Sacred, immortal, hallucinogenic plant was crushed and consumed as a beverage.

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