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By Dr. G. Storms (auth.)

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An entire e-book of magickal symbols and sigils, by way of of the main widespread and influential occultists of all time. The "Lesser Key" comprises the magickal sigils (symbols) of the seventy two "Goetia", spirits, that are known as upon through the adept to accomplish activities at the astral aircraft. a vital paintings ebook for somebody drawn to this type of ceremonial magick!

The Rollright Ritual

Within the early Nineteen Seventies the redoubtable previous occultist William G. grey bicycled from his Gloucestershire domestic to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a transparent and full-mooned summer season evening. The visionary stories he encountered on that evening and in different related visits led to the writing of this e-book, initially released by means of Helios Books in 1975 and now a vintage between pagan and craft traditions.

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Corpus Christi College 190, Cambridge. One charm: No. 11A. Harley 438. One charm: No. 11A. Textus Roffensis, Rochester Cathedral. One charm: No. 11B. Cotton Julius C II. One charm: No. 11B. Harley 464. One charm: No. 36. Cotton Vespasianus D xx. One charm: No. 52. Sl. John's College 17, Oxford. One charm: No. 54. Queen's College 7, Cambrid~e. One charm: No. 64. Junius 163, Bodleian Library, Oxford. One charm: No. 71. Corpus Christi College 367, Cambridge. One charm: No. 80. With a few exceptions (No.

The Leechbook may be characterised as the handbook of the AngloSaxon me die al man, the Lacnunga may be characterised as the handbook of the Anglo-Saxon medicine-man. The majority of the prescriptions of the Leechbook are taken from Latin or Greek soure es. It is different with the Lacnunga. Although many passages are translated and copied from classical authors, a great many seem to be of Germanic origin and several charms are certainly so. Christi an influence is at least as strong as in the Leechbook.

The study of psyehology has done away with the supernatural eonnotation of suggestion and hypnosis, and nowadays the idea of magic is frequently limited to oecurrences and phenomena that are presupposed to be false and deceptive. The dictionary defines magic as 'the pretended art of influencing the course of events, and of producing marvellous physical pheno27 mena, by processes supposed to owe their efficacy to their power of compelling the intervention of spiritual beings, or of bringing into operation some occult controlling principle of nature; sorcery, witchcraft.

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