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By Philip A. Laplante

The excellent Dictionary of electric Engineering is a whole lexicon that covers all of the fields of electric engineering. The ebook presents manageable definitions for practising engineers, serves as a reference and examine software for college kids, and gives sensible details for scientists and engineers in different disciplines. components tested contain utilized electric engineering, microwave engineering, control Read more...


this entire lexicon covers all of the fields of electric engineering. The booklet offers conceivable definitions for working towards engineers, serves as a reference and examine device for college kids, and Read more...

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Associated reference directions a method assigning the current and voltage directions to an electrical element so that a positive currentvoltage product always means that the element 35 associative memory is absorbing power from the network and a negative product always means that the element is delivering power to the network. This method of assigning directions is used in most circuit simulation programs. associative memory a memory in which each storage location is selected by its contents and then an associated data location can be accessed.

The remaining part of the computation is assumed to be divided into n equal parts each executed by a separate processor but simultaneously. The speedup factor tends to 1/f as n → ∞, which demonstrates that under the assumptions given, the maximum speedup is constrained by the serial fraction. S. organization that recommends standards for metrology, drawing symbology and numerous other facets for products and industries. American standard code for information interchange (ASCII) a binary code comprised of seven digits, originally used to transmit telegraph signal information.

Almost sure convergence for a stochastic process, the property of the sample values converging to a random variable with probability one (for almost all sample paths). alnico a permanent magnet material consisting mainly of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron, which has a relatively low-energy product and high residual flux density. An alnico is most suitable for high-temperature applications. ALOHA a random access, multiple access protocol, originally developed by Norman Abramson at the University of Hawaii in 1970.

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