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By Joel E. Arem

This ebook will be of curiosity to gemologists gem creditors jewellers gem cutters gem buyers an individual attracted to gem stones.

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6RP4. 9 3. 3 9. 6 2. 7PB4. 4 blue medium blue dark blue violetish-pink dark lemon yellow medium green Sri Valley, 8. 7 3. 56 round Umba Valley, 6. 9 Tanzania [continued] COLOR MEASUREMENT AND SPECIFICATION 30 TABLE 2. 87 emerald cut emerald cut round emerald cut round round Mexico Tasmania South Africa 60 33 Turkey New York Kenya 69 72 36 antique USSR 10 emerald cut Tsumeb, 28 pear octagon pear shield pear pear shield 75 70 . 9 6. 5 6. 8 4. 7 4. 8 7. 5 3. 1 4. 6 6. 0 7. 2 4. 7GY 5GY 3. 8 2. 3 2.

Inclusion information in this book represents a summary of what is in the available literature; information which this is will, many of the rarer gemstones, hoped, be provided for future editions of lacking for it is OCCURRENCE The occurrences reported in this book are condensed from both the mineralogical and gemological literature. Where possible an attempt has been made to indicate the general rock types and geological environments in which a mineral occurs. Following this is a listing of specific localities that have been reported, noting, where possible, whether the material found is of major gemological significance.

N. Hale and J. J. Rennilson. This replaces the glass and mirror with a how they were obtained and the new technology for gemology and NOTES 1. Hale Color Consultants, 2. MD. 21131. In CIELAB A gemstone mounted in the sphere wall. This is sufficiently accurate and repeatable for C ( is likely that this tion will totally revolutionize the 3. 4. ing order and objective kind of instrumenta- gemstone field, bring- reality to a chaotic system of vague and often obsolete terminology. The Rennilson-Hale instrument was not yet available when the table of gemstone measurements (Table 2) was book; the Pettijohn instrument was illuminating and viewing geometry produces results that are neither as accurate nor consis- prepared for this therefore used.

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