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By Owens, Lizotte

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A lot orthodox monetary concept relies on assumptions that are handled as self-evident: provide and insist are considered as self reliant entities, the person is thought to be a rational agent who is aware his pursuits and the way to make judgements such as them, and so forth. yet one has merely to ascertain an fiscal transaction heavily, as Pierre Bourdieu does the following for the trading of homes, to work out that those summary assumptions can't clarify what occurs in fact.

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The customer gives his name, address and other details and tells us about the property that is being examined. The business property is called the facility. The facility can be a single building, a multiple of buildings collocated like a military base, university campus or industrial complex, or buildings not collocated like a number of banks in a geographic region. Buildings that are part of the facility can be any kind of structure including stadiums, substations, the chemistry building, a residence hall, office buildings, hangers, apartments, homes … Step 1 – Block 1 Facility Description Current Systems Potential Efficiency Improvements Baseline Year Self Generation Facility Use Central Steam Self Generation City Sub Station Variable Pumping State Direct Buried Distribution High Efficiency Motors Year Established Central DDC System Thermal Storage Gross Square Feet Condensate Return Economizers Number of Buildings Central Chilled Water Centralized Systems CFC Description Electrical Distribution Operations IAQ Description Utility Tunnels Boiler Upgrades Comfort Description Compressed Air VAV Conversion Code Description Back up Generation Lighting Other Description Sub-Metering • • • Includes environmental concerns Identifies existing systems Identifies potential/existing efficiencies Chiller Upgrades Condenser Upgrades Controls Upgrade Distribution Upgrade Recommissioning Load Management Fig.

AC also has daily changes in electricity demand. 5 – Purchased electricity usage costs – presents hourly purchased electricity usage costs for January 1997 and July 1997. Notice how seasonal demand for electricity differs substantially. The highest peak demand in July costs $1,400 per hour compared to about $600 per hour in January. The higher price is due to the utility having to provide electricity for a very short period of time to meet the customer’s air conditioning load. Daily Averages for January & July $1,400 $1,200 Cost per Hour $1,000 $800 Jul On-Peak Avg Jul Off-Peak Avg $600 Jan On-Peak Avg Jan Off-Peak Avg $400 $200 $1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Day of Month Fig.

The budget cost escalation needs to be consistent with the business goals. For example, if the new hospital wing is being built, there will be an increase in energy costs. Business goals show no increase in the operating budget for utilities for the next 2 years so the annual budget increase for utilities has to be zero. We have a labor contract that commits us to a 3% increase annually. This must be shown. Because we are mapping a business plan, we also need to establish a number for inflation.

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