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By Massad F. Ayoob

This publication is ready really utilizing guns instead of simulation within the studio or dojo. Martial artists who are looking to use their talents purely as a game might achieve this yet such a lot folks wish abilities that may paintings outdoors of the studio. at the streets, irrespective of your ability, energy and dimension may possibly trump your strategy. A weapon is an equalizer yet many guns resembling gun and kinfe are in all likelihood deadly -- and within the actual international lethality or perhaps long-lasting harm shouldn't be taken care of calmly. Ayoob indicates how influence guns can be utilized to forestall an assailant with minimum long term harm.

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Pocket carry is common; still others carry the two sticks inside the waistband, butts up. Other, more ingenious methods have been seen on the street. T h e officer may encounter a suspect who slips one stick down the back of his neck and leaves the other outside his shirt, the weapon suspended by the cord on the collar. Under a jacket, it hangs invisibly in the hollow between the shoulder blades. An officer frisking a suspect should always pat down this area. Still another popular hiding place is the coat-sleeve.

Publication, by Nature of the Weapons 15 Figure 21. Four common styles of nunchaku a police officer can expect to encounter: (from bottom clockwise) round "chakers" chained together; extra-heavy octagonal nunchucks that not only crush but also tear with their sharp edges; special police nunchaku made of heavy plastic, with short cord to facilitate scissoring; and relatively light sticks with extra-long cord for greater reach and flailing maneuverability. diers of the time. In desperation, the people of this agricultural society turned to the tools of the field and built fighting styles around them that rivalled the deadliest formal weapons of the period.

Courtesy of Illinois State Police. Nature of the Weapons 39 merit to the rest of the team, or his actions will cause more problems than they will solve. T h o s e who recommend the use of esoteric impact weapons for crowd control—Anderson with the Prosecutor and Phillips with the nunchaku—do so with the caveat that all members of the crowd control team must be experts with those sticks. Most won't be, in real life. Nunchuks or Prosecutors swung wildly can injure fellow officers in the heat of a choked-in melee.

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