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By Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal adventure via Rosemary Ellen Guiley is destined to be a vintage within the realizing of mystical experience--a accomplished, lavishly illustrated, A-to-Z consultant. it's the such a lot immense one-volume encyclopedia of its type in additional than twenty-five years. 50 black-and-white images.

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An entire booklet of magickal symbols and sigils, via of the main renowned and influential occultists of all time. The "Lesser Key" comprises the magickal sigils (symbols) of the seventy two "Goetia", spirits, that are known as upon by way of the adept to accomplish activities at the astral airplane. a necessary paintings ebook for somebody attracted to this kind of ceremonial magick!

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Within the early Seventies the redoubtable previous occultist William G. grey bicycled from his Gloucestershire domestic to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a transparent and full-mooned summer season evening. The visionary reviews he encountered on that evening and in different related visits led to the writing of this e-book, initially released through Helios Books in 1975 and now a vintage between pagan and craft traditions.

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Visual images are seen in only a small percentage of reported cases. A srudy of apparitions published in 1956 by American psychical researcher Hornell Hart and collaborators showed no significant differences between characteristics of apparitions of the living and of the dead. Some apparitions seem corporeal, while others are luminous, transparent, or ill-defined. Apparitions move through solid matter and appear and disappear abruptly. They can cast shadows and be reflected in mirrors. Some have Apparition A possible apparition captured on film.

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New York: Fawcett Col- Artificial elemental Assagioli, Roberto See Thought-form. See Psychology. Ashram Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) A Sanskrit term for a retreat or center of spiritual study. Spending time at an ashram is believed to quicken one's progress in spiritual development. A Spartan daily discipline is usually followed. This may include yoga; a vegetarian diet (perhaps served in only one meal per day); sleeping on a mat on the floor; long periods of meditation, contemplation, and silence; work duties; and studying spiritual teachings under the tutelage of a guru.

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