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By Daniel P. Strouthes

Comprises a few a hundred and twenty entries starting from abandonment and kin legislations to possession and struggle. Alphabetically prepared, every one access presents a definition, heritage info and, usually, an illustrative instance taken from US legislation and a contrasting instance taken from the criminal procedure of one other cul

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While not much is known about people's motivation for approving of capital punishment or for expecting it to be used, one reason commonly given by people in different societies is to remove an offender so that he can't commit the crime again. Other reasons are for revenge, to show the power of the king, and to wipe out an insult as well as various combinations of these. Cross-cultural research indicates that the reason a society uses capital punishment is some- CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Witchcraft, considered a crime in some societies at some times, led to perhaps 100,000 to 200,000 executions, such as this burning, from the late Middle Ages to the eighteenth century.

They made the great decisions, but it was the mostly younger men of the various military societies who implemented them. Thus, the chiefs could not give orders that the military societies strongly opposed. An example of the political relationship between the chiefs and the military societies can be seen in the efforts of the chiefs to bring the Cheyenne into peaceful relations with the Kiowa and Comanche Indian tribes. The Cheyenne had long been at war with the two tribes, but this was not the major obstacle to peace.

If he wished, and was still capable of performing his duties, a retiring priest-chief could take up an office in the bottom rank of chiefs, taking one of the offices being vacated. After the new chiefs took office, they gave their predecessors gifts of an established and unvarying value, just as the previous set of chiefs had given gifts to their own predecessors. The chief-renewal ceremony was in fact a time of general gift-giving generosity, and it was generally considered desirable behavior for the wealthy to give to the poor.

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