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By Kris Brandt Riske Riske

The simplest way to profit astrology is firstly your self. Your astrological start chart is a strong device for gaining a deeper realizing of your distinct presents, skills, demanding situations, and life's function. As you start to decipher the wealth of knowledge on your personal beginning chart, you will adventure astrology in a individually significant way-which makes it more straightforward to appreciate and bear in mind. when you examine the fundamentals of astrology, you will learn the beginning charts of your self and others.

This pleasant guidebook is the main entire advent to astrology on hand. well known astrologer Kris Brandt Riske provides the necessities of astrology in a transparent, step by step manner, paying precise cognizance to 3 components of renowned curiosity: relationships, occupation, and funds. She explains the that means of the planets, zodiac symptoms, homes, and facets, and the way to interpret their value on your chart. Over 30 illustrations, together with the delivery charts of numerous recognized people—Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, and Tiger Woods, to call only a few—add a useful visible size in your studying adventure.

Practical and confident, Llewellyn's whole publication of Astrology bargains strategies for utilizing astrology to spot the features you search in an incredible mate, discover your profession and fiscal power, calculate your good fortune, and realize your internal power.

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Mercury Retrograde 13. Llewellyn’s 2008 Daily Planetary Guide, 14. House Cusps and Interceptions 15. Equal House System 16. Placidus House System 17. Koch House System 18. Equal and Unequal Houses 19. House Cusps 20. Chart Ruler 21. Hemispheres 22. Quadrants 23. Sign and House Rulers and Co-Rulers 24. Major Aspects 25. Minor Aspects 26. Orb of Influence 27. The Five Major Aspects 28. Two Semisextiles 29. Parallel and Contraparallel 30. Chart with Aspectarian 31. Out-of-Sign Aspect 32. T-square 33.

Most astrologers use only degrees and minutes. Refer to the inside back cover of this book for a list of astrological glyphs. One sign = 30 degrees One degree = 60 minutes One minute = 60 seconds Figure 1 is an illustration of what is called the natural chart. It shows the zodiac signs, along with their glyphs, in order, beginning with Aries at the left center point and continuing around counterclockwise to Pisces. This is the natural order of the zodiac. Notice that the directions are reversed.

Orbital Cycles of the Planets 7. Modern and Traditional Planetary Rulers 8. Planetary Strength: Dignified, Detriment, Exaltation, and Fall 9. Aspect Glyphs, Degrees, Orbs, and Keywords 10. Planetary Speeds 11. Synastry for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Figures 1. The Natural Chart 2. The Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water 3. The Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable 4. Retrograde Planets and House Cusps in Tiger Woods’s Chart 5. House Rulerships and Keywords 6. The Angles 7. The Five Major Aspects 8.

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