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By Philip J. Snodgrass M.D. (auth.)

Ornithine Transcarbamylase: simple technology and scientific Considerations, written via a number one professional on OTC, for the 1st time assembles and analyzes greater than forty years of uncomplicated technology and medical study. will probably be the definitive source at the subject for pediatricians, geneticists, and internists who take care of sufferers with OTC deficiency, in addition to for simple scientists and genetic researchers who learn the urea cycle in mammals and the arginine biosynthetic pathway in micro organism and fungi.

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4-kb respectively (Table 5-1).

On the left is the N -terminal domain (residues 1-134) that binds CPo 157 157 156 156 155 109 107 106 105 109 55 55 53 52 49 0 LTLSWI I S YAY L MTLVYA LHVAMY fJ6 G DG . G DG . iDA R . G DAR . GDL K o 0 P LLlLG L S D . 1i G L T D - . J: WP E A A L V T E C R A LAO 0 N G G D A L AMP 0 Y I L D ML D E K . a7 P 101 LAD Y L T L 0 E H Y' S S P 101 LAD Y L T L 0 E H y. G S . PTOMLADVLTMREHS'DKP PTOLLADLLTMOEHLPGKA P TOT L L D L F T I 0 E T E . GR· a5 N NIL H S I MMS A A K F . GM H LOA A T P N NIL H S I MMS A A K F .

Thus, when the concentration of the neutral form of ornithine at each pH is calculated, the Km for neutral ornithine can be derived. 026 mM(133) and for E. 064 mM(136). The Km for the actual zwitterionic substrate would be 17% of these values. The reverse reaction of OTC can be accomplished by using arsenate instead of phosphate whereby the carbamyl arsenate formed is broken down spontaneously to C02 and ammonia. The Km's for citrulline and phosphate in mammalian OTCs have not been determined in pure enzymes.

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