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By Robert Cooper

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Herron encountered a secular world in crisis. 20 The industrial turmoil of the 1880s and 1890s stirred Gladden and many of his generation to believe that labor must be accorded recognition by employers and that an evolving form of profit sharing offered an attractive alternative to the “antisocial” competitive marketplace. ” Neither, he answered. “Permit me to say that I know something about this war. . ”21 Like their kindred spirits among mugwump reformers, social gospel Christians placed the individual at the center of their reform efforts.

Her analysis focused on the roots of the employees’ rebellion under Pullman’s wellintentioned but suffocating paternalism. ” She urged reconciliation, pursuit of the common good, and a practical sense of what progress is possible in the circumstances. ”50 Addams also contributed an essay to Hull-House Maps and Papers, a volume published by Hull-House residents the year after the Pullman strike. Although she made few direct references to the strike, she shaped her essay around the problem of class conflict and its resolution.

At the union’s first annual convention in Chicago in June, the ARU attempted to intercede on behalf of the Pullman workers, but Pullman rebuffed any mediation effort. Although the leadership of the union, including its president, Eugene V. Debs, discouraged the convention from issuing a call for sympathetic action, the delegates voted and the members ratified a boycott of all trains carrying Pullman cars. As the boycott began, the General Managers Association, representing all of the major transcontinental lines, decided on a showdown with the ARU and, as their own act of sympathy with the Pullman Palace Car Company, encouraged GMA members to attach sleeping cars to all trains, including freights.

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