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By Foulsham, Edwin Raphael

Recognized because the so much actual and trustworthy ephemeris and aspectarian, this e-book is released every year given that 1819. it's a significant book of the 12 months for working towards astrologers - either novice undefined. there'll be assured revenues to a committed and becoming readership. Raphael's has a world-wide attractiveness for accuracy, and contains a entire aspectarian. it's the correct instrument for calculating actual astrological charts. As curiosity in astrology keeps to develop, so too have the revenues of this exact operating software. each astrologer getting ready exact beginning charts wishes the data during this publication. it's greatly recognized in its vintage livery and for its confirmed list of reliability and accuracy. "Raphael's Ephemeris" can be displayed in each astrology outlet, normal bookstall and brain, physique, spirit outlet for max revenues. It includes day-by-day longitudes of all of the planets, tables of homes for London, Liverpool and ny, plus a whole lunar and planetary aspectarian.

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These examples] give a singular hint of the possibilities of the thing, if not a direct proof of the whole assertion; which [may] yet, moreover, be illuminated by diverse other instances of the like nature, and [just] as wonderful beside what is [said] above. [Such] as: 8. The invisible wights which haunt houses seem rather to be of our subterranean inhabitants, which appear often to men of the Second Sight, than [to be] evil spirits or devils. Though they throw great stones, pieces of earth, and wood, at the inhabitants, they hurt them not at all [just] as if they acted not maliciously like devils, but in sport like buffoons and drolls.

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