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By Teller P.

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And if the reader thinks this an unglamorous and cumbersome procedure, we may well agree, but we would quietly remind him that it is one that good judgment demands. Santayana's remarkably steady philosophical convictions combined with his habit of returning to the same topics again and again make it virtually impossible to date with any degree of precision most of the works printed here. Fortunately, the same steadfast vision makes the issue of the precise date of each manuscript less important and less interesting in the case of Santayana than with philosophers whose views changed markedly or underwent substantial evolution.

And yet this lever that would move the earth Rests on a fulcrum which is but a part Of palpitating earth, a mortal heart. Reason is weaker than what makes it be And wise men's wisdom is humility; They build their happiness on self-surrender, And seek to follow nature, not to mend her. Percy: When men imagine life is made to please And hardship's object is to be at ease, By that sweet paradox their wit's abused, And they begin to toil to be amused. It is their solemn duty to be glad, But conscientious gladness makes them sad; Pursuing pleasure they enjoy it not, And fan themselves so hard, it makes them hot; They lose their dollar gaming for a dime, And suffer tortures for a pleasant time; Yet for their folly the excuse is this, That they have quite forgot what pleasure is.

Other pieces go a long way toward clarifying the difficult concept of the spiritual life: in them Santayana comes closer than perhaps anywhere else to admitting that a life devoted to the disinterested contemplation of essences is ultimately unlivable. To these and other important discussions should be added the sensitive observations he makes on pain, his particularly insightful treatment of expectation, superstition, and law, and the forthright and important affirmation of the simultaneity of intuitions with their psychic counterparts.

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