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By A. W. Ward, G. W. Prothero, Stanley Leathes (Eds)

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Its principal achievements belong to its earliest stage, having been made by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians before the Mediterranean peoples fell under the dominion of Rome. By that time, the coasts of Southern Europe and Asia, and of Northern among the neighAirica, together with one at least perhaps more bouring island groups in the Atlantic, were known in their general configuration, and some progress had been made in the task of fixing their places on the sphere, though their geographical outlines had not been accurately ascertained, and the longitude of the united terra Jirma of Europe and Asia was greatly over-estimated.

Chroniclers dwell complacently on the joy experienced by the Iffante, commensurate not to the value of the slaves actually taken but to the hope of future captures, and on his pious rapture at the prospect of saving the souls of so many African heathen. Dora Henrique now sought and obtained from the Pope a special indulgence for all who should fight under the banner of the coast, Order' of Christ for the destruction and confusion of the Moors and other enemies of Christ, and for the exaltation of the Catholic faith.

He discovers illustra- tions, all the more valuable because they represent an unconscious His work expands inr process, of forces destined to become powerful. definitely in spite of his efibrts to curtail it ; and he may sigh to find that the main outline before him insensibly loses itself in a multitude of necessary details. If he is to tell the truth, he cannot isolate one set of principles or tendencies ; for he knows that many of equal importance were at work at the same time. He is bound to take tlxem all into What wonder that his consideration, and to show their mutual action.

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