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By Sax Rohmer

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An entire e-book of magickal symbols and sigils, via of the main well known and influential occultists of all time. The "Lesser Key" includes the magickal sigils (symbols) of the seventy two "Goetia", spirits, which are referred to as upon by way of the adept to accomplish activities at the astral aircraft. a necessary paintings booklet for someone drawn to this type of ceremonial magick!

The Rollright Ritual

Within the early Seventies the redoubtable previous occultist William G. grey bicycled from his Gloucestershire domestic to the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire on a transparent and full-mooned summer season evening. The visionary reports he encountered on that evening and in different comparable visits led to the writing of this booklet, initially released by way of Helios Books in 1975 and now a vintage between pagan and craft traditions.

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I said. He turned, in the door, and fixed a Strange glance upon me. "There are others," he replied, "who seek as I seek, and who do not scruple to gain their ends how they may. " With that and a low bow he retired. Little of interest occurred during the day, until about four in the afternoon, when Halesowen aroused us out of a lazy doze to show a letter just received from the British Museum. It was in reply to one asking why he had received no acknowledgment of the photographs and drawings submitted; and it informed him that no such photographs and drawings had come to hand!

I do not think I could improve upon his paper, and my own views might unduly intrude upon the story; therefore, with your permission, I will vacate the rostrum in favour of Mr. Clifford, for whom I solicit your attention. Mr. Clifford's Story of the Egyptian Potsherd During the autumn of 19—, I was sharing a pleasant set of rooms with Mark Lesty, who was shortly taking up an appointment at a London hospital, and it was, I think, about the middle of that month that the extraordinary affair of Halesowen and his Egyptian potsherd came under our notice.

All was in darkness, but, as I entered, a vivid flash of lightning illuminated the place. I saw a sight which I can never forget. Grimsby lay flat upon the floor by the farther door. But, dreadful as that spectacle was, it scarce engaged my attention; nor did I waste a second glance upon the Athenean Harp, which lay close beside its empty case. For the figure of a woman, draped in flimsy white, was passing across the Greek Room! Grim fear took me by the throat, since I could not doubt that what I saw was a supernatural manifestation.

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