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By Gyorgy Enyedi

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The district of Querfurt has fertile soil, a comparatively low level of industrialization, and poor housing conditions. There are 470 inhabitants in the community of Leimbach, and 31 percent of the working population is employed in agriculture. The village has a co-op shop, a bakery, two pubs, a club, a nursery and kindergarten, and a medical center with a nurse. Schoolchildren are taken by bus to the neighboring village of Lodersleben. In 1971, the 138 homes had the following conditions (classified from 1 to 4 according to decreasing quality): 1 (11 homes), 2 (116 homes), 3 42 MODERN AGRICULTURE/RURAL DEVELOPMENT (11 homes), 4 (none).

It is, however, necessary to refer to this analysis because it facilitates the precision of interrelations between different indicators FRANCE: AGRICULTURE & RURAL CHANGE 29 of change and consequently shows tendencies toward autonomy or integration of the agricultural or rural factors in the changes of these areas. Our results are based on a research program carried out over many years, looking at the changes and typology of rural areas, and based on a systematic use of the statistical evidence available for these areas.

They know nothing of agricultural production systems, of landholding systems, of agricultural groups, before they prepare land utilization maps within the planning area of the new town. The second example of this disassociation in planning practice is seen in the evolution of the role of the ministry of agriculture in rural planning. Faced with the changes which have taken place in the French countryside, where since 1962, agricultural workers are no longer in the majority, the ministry of agriculture has adapted its action to the facts of the new situation.

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