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By Arthur Edward Waite

First released in Latin in 1678, Arthur Edward Waite translated the ebook and released it in volumes in 1893. This absolutely illustrated variation comprises Volumes I and II, in addition to the 3 Treatises Of Philalethes. this is often one of many greatest collections of Alchemical tracts. Chapters comprise The Golden Tract in regards to the Stone Of The Philosophers, The Golden Age Restored, The Sophic Hydrolith, the dignity Of the realm; Or, desk Of Paradise, The e-book Of Alze, The booklet Of Lambspring, The Golden Tripod, The testomony Of Cremer, the hot Chemical gentle, A refined Allegory in regards to the secrets and techniques Of Alchemy, The Metamorphosis Of Metals, Helvetius' Golden Calf, and, The Fount Of Chemical fact. it'd be unjust to doubt, such a lot mild reader, that of the entire arts invented for using existence by way of the explanation of guy, that of Alchemy is the main noble and excellent. For all philosophers exclaim, because it have been, with one voice, albeit in lots of languages, that this artwork isn't just real, yet (after the Divine legislation during which our souls are stored) the easiest and most opulent reward bestowed upon guy via God; and that it's going to accordingly be investigated with all zeal and with the best pains.

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Nothing can be obtained from a body which does not exist therein. What shall we say of vitriol, which misleads many by its wonderful qualities, especially as some part of it changes into copper, and itself has the power of transforming icon into copper? As a matter of fact, it is the elementary substance of copper, and when this mineral vapour (or aeriform mercury) finds in the mineral veins of the earth a place where its bitter, acid, salt, and venereal sulphur lies hid, it immediately amalgamates with it into a metal.

An active and a passive principle. In lead is found the male, in orpiment the female. " And Diomedes says: "Join the male child of the 'red servant' to the fragrant spouse, and they will produce the object of our Art. But you must not introduce any foreign matter, neither dust, nor any other thing. The conception will then be perfect, and a true son will be born. " Others call it quicksilver, or mercury, and sulphur, or fire, as Roger Bacon says, in the third chapter of his "Mirror": "Out of sulphur and mercury are all metals, and nothing adheres to them, neither is joined to them, or transmutes them, but what is of them.

Cp. " And Arnold, in his work concerning the "Preservation of Youth," (lib. ) says: "This prepared salt has great virtue in preserving youth. The Sages have compared it to the natural heat of healthy youth. The Stone itself has sometimes been called by the wise the Animal Stone, sometimes the Mineral Secret, on account, of this similitude; sometimes the Everlasting Remedy, or the Water of Life. " From the aforesaid it clearly appears that we are forbidden both by the teaching of the Sages and by the nature of the thing to suppose that the Stone can be made out of the lesser minerals.

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