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By W. Scott-Elliot, Alfred Percy Sinnett

A theosophist and believer of the Occult, W. Scott-Elliot supplies us an outline of the heritage and constitution of Atlantis and Lemuria, besides what he considers proof of this. the tale of Atlantis is prefaced via famed occultist Alfred Percy Sinnett.

"There is not any restrict relatively to the assets of astral clairvoyance in investigations about the previous historical past of the earth, even if we're eager about the occasions that experience befallen the human race in prehistoric epochs, or with the expansion of the planet itself via geological classes which antedated the appearance of guy, or with newer occasions, present narrations of that have been distorted by means of careless or perverse historians. The reminiscence of Nature is infallibly exact and inexhaustibly minute. A time will come as definitely because the precession of the equinoxes, whilst the literary approach to historic study could be laid apart as old-fashioned, on the subject of all unique paintings. humans between us who're in a position to workout astral clairvoyance in complete perfection--but haven't but been known as away to raised services in connexion with the advertising of human growth, of which traditional humanity at the present is familiar with even under an Indian ryot is familiar with of cupboard councils--are nonetheless only a few. those that understand what the few can do, and during what tactics of teaching and strength of mind they've got handed in pursuit of inside beliefs, of which while attained astral clairvoyance is yet a person condition, are many, yet nonetheless a small minority compared with the fashionable cultivated global. yet as time is going on, and inside of a measurable destiny, a few of us have cause to believe yes that the numbers of these who're useful to workout astral clairvoyance increases sufficiently to increase the circle of these who're conscious of their capacities, until eventually it involves embody all of the intelligence and tradition of civilised mankind just a couple of generations hence." (from the Preface)

This choice of very important works presents an in-depth research of either Atlantis and Lemuria. The destruction of Atlantis was once finished by way of a chain of catastrophes various in personality from nice cataclysms during which entire territories and populations perished, to relatively unimportant landslips similar to ensue on our personal coasts today.

It used to be the Toltec race who constructed the top civilization and arranged the main strong empire of any of the Atlantean peoples. It needs to be remembered that humanity used to be nonetheless for the main half possessed of psychic attributes, and by way of this time the main complex had gone through the required education within the occult faculties, and had attained a number of phases of initiations -- a few even achieving to Adeptship. This used to be the golden age of the Toltec race. the govt. used to be simply and beneficent; the humanities and sciences have been cultivated—indeed the employees in those fields, guided as they have been by means of occult wisdom, accomplished super effects; spiritual trust and formality used to be nonetheless relatively natural -- actually the civilization of Atlantis had via this time reached its height.

Also incorporated is The misplaced Lemuria. even supposing the misplaced continent of Atlantis has thus far got scant acceptance from the area of technological know-how, the overall consensus of opinion has for lengthy pointed to the lifestyles, at a few prehistoric time, of an unlimited southern continent to which the identify of Lemuria has been assigned.

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The Troano MS. appears to have been written about 3,500 years ago, among the Mayas of Yucatan, and the following is its description of the catastrophe that submerged the island of 54 The Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria Poseidonis:–”In the year 6 Kan, on the 11th Muluc in the month Zac, there occurred terrible earthquakes, which continued without interruption until the 13th Chuen. The country of the hills of mud, the land of Mu was sacrificed: being twice upheaved it suddenly disappeared during the night, the basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces.

It would be natural to assume that the Egyptians were an early colony from Atlantis (as they actually were) and that they carried away with them the primitive type of writing which has thus left its traces on both hemispheres, while the Phoenicians, who were a sea-going people, obtained and assimilated the later form of alphabet during their trading voyages with the people of the west. org 35 extraordinary resemblance between many words in the Hebrew language and words bearing precisely the same meaning in the tongue of the Chiapenecs–a branch of the Maya race, and amongst the most ancient in Central America.

The marvellous uniformity of the flood legends on all parts of the globe, alone remains to be dealt with. Whether these are some archaic versions of the story of the lost Atlantis and its submergence, or whether they are echoes of a great cosmic parable once taught and held in reverence in some common centre whence they have reverberated throughout the world, does not immediately concern us. Sufficient for our purpose is it to show the universal acceptation of these legends. It would be needless waste of time and space to go over these flood stories one by one.

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