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By Svĕtla Čmejrková, František Štícha

This article issues the linguistic functionalism, formalism and pragmatics within the languages of japanese Europe.

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Halliday. g. Halliday 1976:72). Both are concerned with the purposeful choice of approaches to classification. The problem is that members of major categories - such as "verb" - do not all behave identically: there are subclasses of verbs, subclasses of subclasses, and i f we look at more and more features of their behaviour, individual verbs. This of course brings up the old question of grammar versus dictionary: popularly speaking, fea­ tures shared by many words should go into grammar, and features concerning single words into the dictionary, but precisely where is the borderline?

Between a modifier and a head noun. g. between two clauses joined by 'and'). g. Firbas 1957:74). In English, however, many grammarians assume that word order will be primarily, if not indeed FORMALISM VERSUS FUNCTIONALISM 37 universally, syntagmatic; and most formalist approaches to syntax incorporate this assumption at the outset. 17. Daneš evidently recognized from his functional standpoint that the entirety of word order must have a broader and more diversified basis, so that the more strictly "grammatical relations of syntactic connexity" should be assigned their own domain, wherein they interact with other motivations as far as the design of the language and discourse might require.

Eč a sloh" (Speech and Style). In: . Havránek and J. Mukařovský. Čtení o jazyce a poesii 6 (Readings in Language and Poetry). Praha: Družstevní práce: 188. FORMALISM VERSUS FUNCTIONALISM 41 Saussure, F. de. 1916. Cours de linguistique générale (Ch. Bally, A. Sechehaye and A . Riedlinger, eds). Lausanne: Payot. Skališka, V. 1948. "The Need for a Linguistics of 'la parole'". Receuil linguistique de Bratislava 1: 21-38. Trnka, . 1964. "On the Linguistic Sign and the Multi-Level Organization of Language".

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