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By Amos Nussinovitch

Water-soluble polymers or hydrocolloids are normal in lots of fields, together with nutrients, agriculture, ceramics, paper and ink know-how, explosives and the fabric undefined. this significant new booklet offers a accomplished review of novel facets in their use in nutrients items. curiosity within the technology and know-how of water-soluble polymers is swiftly expanding and this ebook presents a much-needed and updated overview.Chapters evaluation very important new foodstuff purposes, giving brief historic overviews, the newest info on makes use of and attainable destiny functions. issues coated comprise using hydrocolloids for texturization, as adhesives inside nutrition items, as coatings in items similar to fruit, greens, cheese, meat and dried meals, and for flavour encapsulation.

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Agar coatings were also used as a vehicle for the addition of 500 mg mlÀ1 nisin (bacteriocin) to fresh poultry stored at 4 C in order to reduce contamination by Salmonella typhimurium (Natrajan & Sheldon, 1995). More than 240 different species of seafood are consumed in the United States. Seafood may be divided into two general groups, fish and shellfish. Fish are aquatic animals with fins, found in fresh or salty water. Shellfish include crustaceans and mollusks. Coatings for seafoods are used to minimize freezer burn and weight loss, reduce off-flavor and maintain freshness and quality for longer periods.

A. Nussinovitch (1996) Predicting the deformability modulus of multi-layered texturized fruits and gels. -Wiss. , 29, 129±134. Ben-Zion, O. & A. Nussinovitch (1997a) Physical properties of hydrocolloid wet glues. Food Hydrocolloids, 11(4), 429±442. Ben-Zion, O. & A. Nussinovitch (1997b) A prediction of the compressive deformabilities of multilayered gels and texturized fruit, glued together by three different adhesion techniques. Food Hydrocolloids, 11(3), 253±260. Ben-Zion, O. & A. Nussinovitch (1997c) Adhesion-strength characteristics of double-layered agar-galactomannan mixed gels.

In the case of carbopol-934 and pectin, no significant change in peel-bond strength was found when more than $50% water was present in the SSM. This suggests that adhesion is not affected by such degrees of hydration and that the constant peel-bond strength is a result of the cohesive force being measured (Ben-Zion & Nussinovitch, 1997a). 14 represents the relationship between peel-bond strength and water number (amount of water evaporated from a standard sample) and the drying time of the wet glues produced from the seven gums representing the various natural and synthetic hydrocolloids in this study.

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